Thought for the week with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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It is said that there are many more people these days who want to be famous than there ever used to be.

People often enter TV talent contests in order to get publicity so that they can become famous.

It used to be the case that people usually became famous as a result of something worthwhile that they had achieved in the fields of science, education, show business, journalism, politics, religion or sport.

Nowadays there seems to be many people who simply want to be famous for the sake of it.

Perhaps they are hoping that they will also become very rich at the same time. However I think that there are some people who feel that becoming famous gives them some form of recognition.

If you are famous then it means that you have done something to make people remember you. However we know that fame can have its less pleasant side.

We know that sometimes famous people regret no longer having the privacy that they used to have – and did not always appreciate then.

There is also the fact that unless someone has something worthwhile to back up that fame, then it can become very short lived.

Often people who once had a measure of fame and who no longer have it, feel worse off than they would have done if they had never had it.

I feel that most people would not seek fame if they were truly appreciated for what they did for others in their day to day lives.

Anyway none of us need to become famous for our lives to be known about and valued by our Creator. And God does not require us to become famous – rather he wants us to live lives which are meaningful and supportive towards one another.