Thought for the week with Rev Ian McLachlan

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Life is very much about making decision about what our priorities are. Is one of our priorities to obey God? Is another to look after our families?

Is another to help other people? And is another to feel fulfilled? I spent a very interesting time at Girvan Academy last Saturday attending the Decision Day event hosted by the Girvan and South Carrick Villages Locality Planning Group in partnership with Girvan Youth Trust. At the event forty two local organizations had the opportunity to put on a two minute presentation in the hope of getting a sum of money to help further the work of their organization. There was a vote and the groups who had the most points were usually awarded the sum that they had asked for.

This is called ‘Participatory Budgeting’. Inevitably as there was only a limited amount of money to go round, some of these groups were unsuccessful. But it did give them a chance of informing people about the work that they were doing in their communities. So who knows how many people might, on hearing about a particular group, decide that they wanted to get involved in it? I was amazed at the large number of groups that there are in this area providing something positive for other people.

Obviously each of these groups needs people to run them and it was very impressive seeing the number of people who were prepared to spend some of their time providing something worthwhile for other people. The whole day was a wonderful community event and our thanks should also go to those who provided the refreshments and the entertainment. Every community needs people willing to get involved and work together for the good of all.