Tribute acts even better than the real thing

Paddy McGuinness hosts the hour long show featuring some of the best tribute performers.
Paddy McGuinness hosts the hour long show featuring some of the best tribute performers.

Some of our readers will remember that in the 1970s there was a series of pop LPs issued called Top of the Pops. These records contained a number of chart hits which meant that you could get a number of good tunes for the price of a cheap LP.

But the big drawback to this series is that it did not feature the original artistes. Instead all of the tracks were performed by cover artistes. Later on the series Now That’s What I Call Music continued the idea but this time featuring, where possible, the original tracks. In 1990 ITV first screened a show called Stars in Your Eyes where individuals impersonated their favourite singing star. With the help of wardrobe and makeup, these talented people not only sounded like the originals but looked like them as well. This Saturday at 7pm on BBC1 there is a special show celebrating what is now called ‘tribute acts’. Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, who is often to be found on a Saturday night on ITV hosting Take Me Out, this hour long show features some of the best tribute performers.

The show will feature music from performers impersonating the likes of George Michael, Little Mix, Bruno Mars, Adele and Amy Winehouse. There will also be a number of duets featuring somewhat unusual collaborations. At the end of the show the studio audience will have to vote on which of the performers they have seen they would judge as ‘even better than the real thing.’ This show is in the slot which will, in future weeks, feature Strictly Come Dancing and follows on from the ratings disappointment called Len Goodman’s Partners In Rhyme. I can’t but feel that after the impressive edition of Strictly Come Dancing last week, this show will be somewhat of a disappointment.

Ian K