TV preview- Palladium is back for Sunday viewers

Jimmy Carr will be one of the presenters.
Jimmy Carr will be one of the presenters.

It has always rather surprised me with the success of Britain’s Got Talent in recent years, that no TV executive has thought it would be a good idea to bring back a variety show featuring experienced performers.

In the 60s and 70s there were several shows built around popular entertainers which featured both music and comedy.

Then for a long time it was felt that variety shows were no longer in fashion and so were dropped, with reality programmes ending up as their replacements. I always thought it strange that Britain’s Got Talent were searching for a range of entertainers who – unless they were singers – would rarely be seen performing on television again. However all this might be about to change! Perhaps the most famous television variety show of them all – Sunday Night at the Palladium – is due to make a return to ITV this week at seven o’clock. As before, these shows will have a host – but this time there is a different one for each show. The hosts will be - Stephen Mulhern, Rob Brydon, Jack Whitehall, Jimmy Carr, Jason Manford and Bradley Walsh. They will introduce a variety of guests – some of whom will be well known – others less so. The first programme will be hosted by Stephen Mulhern who is a magician as well as a presenter. It is due to also feature - Bryan Adams, Little Mix, Alfie Boe and Alan Davies. ‘Speciality acts also feature, with Dave and Dania and Les Beaux Freres being in the first show. Games played by audience members was a feature of the original version and will also be included in this series. Hopefully this revival will prove to be a great success and might well usher in similar shows in the future.

Ian K