Ayr Burners embark on River Ayr adventure
The small East Ayrshire mining village of Glenbuck is famous not only for being the birthplace of Liverpool Football Club legend Bill Shankly, but also for being the source of the River Ayr. On Saturday twelve cyclists from Ayr Burners embarked on an adventure along its banks using the tracks and trails of the fantastic River Ayr Way - Scotlands only ‘Source to Sea’ off-road route. As the water winds its way through East and South Ayrshire a variety of differing and exciting terrains and landscapes were encountered as the river grew in size on its journey towards the Firth of Clyde. The halfway point of Sorn village was deemed an ideal refreshment stop for the travellers, with Catrine, Failford and Stair still to be ticked off from the days itinerary. The home leg through the wonderful rocky gorges and ancient woodland surrounding Annbank and Auchincruive kept the group happily contented, and after a wonderfully challenging 65 kilometers ‘The Burners’ arrived at their final destination of Ayr Harbour.

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