BBC on the look out for Sawney Bean tales

Sawney Bean as portrayed at the Edinburgh dungeons.

Sawney Bean as portrayed at the Edinburgh dungeons.


The BBC are researching the Scottish legend of Sawney Bean to feature in a television series and where better to tell the story than in South Ayrshire.

BBC researchers are on the lookout for a local resident who was told the story as a child. passed it on to their children and grandchildren and would be happy to be interviewd on camera.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “If you would like to find out more about this unique opportunity or know someone who would like to take part, please contact Natasha Filer, Researcher on 02920 322 594 or e-mail natasha.filer@bbc.co.uk ideally by Thursday 29th May at 5pm.

A BBC team will be visiting the area on Monday 2nd June and Tuesday 3rd June to have a chat with potential contributors.




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