Brilliant book bonanza for young Girvan readers

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  • by Girvan Primary P4(2)

It was an exciting day at Girvan Primary as pupils celebrated World Book Day.

The whole school was involved in a book swap day arranged as part of a non-profit making enterprise project between classes Primary 2(3) and Primary 4(2).

Pupils were invited to bring a book they no longer wanted or needed to school and on the day they were given the opportunity to choose a new book from those gathered.

A fantastic amount of books were amassed and this allowed every child in the school to take home a new book, promoting and fostering the enjoyment of reading at the same time. Both classes were actively involved in organising activities as well as setting up and running the stalls. All the children and teachers were invited to dress up as a character from their favourite book and the costume range was fantastic.

The event was a huge success with the children of the school fully enjoying the day.

Toby McGowan of P5 said: “This is the best book party ever”, while Bethany Sloan of P4 said: “It was fun because we got to see the different books people like”. Jamie McGuire said: “I enjoyed working with the primary twos because I got to work with my little sister”, and Maykayla McKechan said: “I liked running the stalls, it was lots of fun”.




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